The world of pop princesses is a fickle one. For every glammed-out, overproduced vixen who becomes a household name, a thousand other contenders crash and burn into the world of awkward obscurity. Not Katy Perry. Katy rose to the top of Pop Mountain the old-school way – TALENT. Already a well-regarded young vocalist in the spiritual genre, Katy made the difficult jump to secular music (Aretha Franklin did the same thing 45 years earlier) and even performed at the Warped tour in 2008. In the cutthroat world of bubblegum pop, Katy Perry has proven herself the sharpest knife in the drawer through true musical ability and fearless creativity. Here are a few of the tremendous outfits from Katy that are currently in the Hard Rock collection.They’re located at (clockwise from top left): Hard Rock Hotel Vallarta, Hard Rock Cafe Bali, Hard Rock Cafe Orlando, Hard Rock Cafe Four Winds, and Hard Rock Cafe Hollywood Boulevard.